Cash Back to Buyers


Realty Executives Vision is proud to introduce our 2020 Vision Cash Back program. Let us represent you when you buy your home in 2020, and we will pay you 20% of whatever commission we earn. No gimmicks - just cash in your pocket.

You get expert advice to help you every step of the way, PLUS you get CASH BACK on closing to spend however you want.


How It Works

It's really very simple.  If we represent you in the purchase of a residential property any time in 2020 we will give you 20% of whatever commission we make. That's ANY residential property listed for sale (house, condo, half-duplex, new home construction, etc.) and not just our listings - ANYTHING listed for sale.


  • Let us work with you and represent you in your purchase. We provide the expertise you need to help you every step of the way, from finding the right property to negotiating the best price and protections for you.
  1. You have the whole year - as long as possession day is in calendar year 2020, the cash back applies.
  2. Real estate commissions are typically paid by the seller which means YOU PAY NOTHING for our services. In fact, WE pay YOU. No gift cards or baskets - you get a cheque for 20% of whatever commission we earn.
  3. Yes there is an exception - we cannot pay the cash back if we have to pay a referral to another real estate professional or relocation company. For example, if we have to pay a 25% referral to an agent in another city for referring a client who is moving here or to a relocation company that is handling a company transfer.


See yourself in a new home.

See yourself with money in your pocket.

See it clearly, with 2020 Vision.