Sonia Lyonnais - REALTOR®

Sonia is an experienced and enthusiastic Executive with an amazing background. To start with, there aren't many people more Canadian than Sonia; she speaks French and English, she's lived in the east and west (Quebec and, since 1978, Edmonton), AND she loves advanced technology and enjoying the outdoors!

Then there is her professional background:: Sonia studied Marketing at NAIT and has worked in senior positions with Dell Canada and Telus, so she knows all about technology, sales and marketing. And while those positions gave her valuable customer service and management experience, there was something she was always more passionate about - real estate.

Sonia knows what matters. She has been through the process of building her own family home 4 times, she's lived in the city and on an acreage, she's raised children and understands the importance of amenities, and she has years of experience helping her lucky clients buy and sell properties.

An energetic dynamo, when Sonia finds free time she loves being outdoors; camping, quadding, boating, and gardening. She also loves traveling (like many of us, when it gets cold here she loves to head somewhere warm!) and volunteering at her children's school.

Like all successful agents, her strengths go beyond knowledge and dedication. She KNOWS what people go through when they buy and sell properties. She puts herself in her clients' shoes and then puts her experience to good use working for and protecting those clients.

Ce Serait un plaisir de vous servir en Francais!

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