Rhonda Gibson - REALTOR®


Rhonda Gibson - REALTOR®

Rhonda and Realty Executives Vision - an ideal combination for anyone looking to buy or sell a home! We are incredibly fortunate to have Rhonda as part of our team, as she brings a track record of business success AND a dedicated, client-focused approach to real estate.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Rhonda and her husband moved to Alberta more than 25 years ago and have been here ever since. Raising two wonderful children was just part of Rhonda's success story - for the past 20 years she was a division organizer with Princess House Canada, growing a highly successful business that earned her numerous awards along the way. An avid curler, Rhonda is a member of the Sherwood Park Curling club and somehow managed to also find the time to give back to the community by volunteering with Connecting Streams Ministries. When she decides to take a short break from her many successful endeavors, Rhonda enjoys traveling, camping and just spending time outdoors.

Rhonda's family also enjoys giving back by opening their home to billet players for the Edmonton Oil Kings hockey team. Providing a safe and welcoming home (and plenty of food!) for these young athletes is a significant commitment, but one that Rhonda is happy to take on to help future community leaders.

Like the other members of our elite team, Rhonda always had a keen interest in real estate and finally found the time to switch careers. Her healthy approach to life - activity, enjoying the outdoors and volunteering - transfers well to her career as a real estate Executive. Rhonda isn't just about the numbers, as she works tirelessly to ensure her clients have a positive experience all around. She understands that it's always more than just a house or a building - it's a community. So whether you're selling or buying, Rhonda Gibson will make sure you get the client-focused service you deserve!

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